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Inspector General

Raju Aryal
Inspector General,
Armed Police Force, Nepal

Spokesperson/Information Officer

Kumar Neupane
Deputy Inspector General,
Armed Police Force, Nepal
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IGP's Profile

Inspector General Raju Aryal assumed the responsibility of Chief of Armed Police Force, Nepal on May 2‌, 2022. He is the 12th successor to the highest stratum of the organization.

He is a Ph.D. scholar and holds a post-graduate diploma in International Humanitarian Law, and master’s degrees in Rural Development, Sociology, and Political Science from Tribhuvan University.

Inspector General Aryal began his police career on March 31, 1998, as an Inspector in Nepal Police. He is a graduate of the National Police Academy 111th batch. He was transferred to Armed Police Force and promoted to the rank of Deputy Superintendent on July 2, 2001.

With the competencies, he has obtained from various training and the courses he has stood up as a proficient officer with a set of high standard skills in all realms of Armed Police Force Management. He has attended various professional and management courses, workshops, and training on special Arms and Basic War Tactics, Physical Endurance, High-level management, International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, Civil-Military Relations, Advance Training on National Security, APCSS Comprehensive Crisis Management, Protection of Civilian, Handling Non-Conventional Security Threats for Developing Countries, etc.

Over the years, he has expanded his expertise and reputation as one of the leading professionals and has spent a significant portion of service in various high-profile commands and observational and instructional appointments. To mention are Battalion Commander of Kalinchowk Battalion, Commandant of Armed Police Force Training College, Lamaptan and Armed Police Force United Nations Peacekeeping Training College, Brigade Commander of No.2 Chinnamasta Brigade, No. 9 Pashupatinath Brigade, and Head of the Operation Department, etc. As he has spent a substantial portion of service as head of different units, he is focused on institutional development and expansion of the Armed Police Force and focused on personnel careers.

He also has experience in peacekeeping under the flag of the United Nations in UNAMID, UNMISS, and UNMIL.

In recognition of his exceptional and distinguished services, Inspector General Aryal has been awarded Sukritimaya Rastradeep Third, Suprabal Jana Sewa Shree, UN Peacekeeping Medal, Foreign Service Medal, Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Fourth, Disaster Rescue Medal, and several appreciations. During the tour of duty, Inspector General Aryal has visited the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia, China, and India.

Inspector General Aryal is dedicated to serving the country to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights and make the countrymen feel safe, secure, and reliable in the presence of the Armed Police Force with close cooperation with all stakeholders. He believes “Command with love is essential to get adorable respect and to become a successful commander, work is worship and devotion is a must to serve the nation and adhere to the conception that the one who is ready for devotion rightfully deserves the honor.” As an individual with a high standard of integrity, he is committed to institutional development and expansion of the organization. The career development and welfare of APF personnel have been the foremost concern for leadership and their aspiration will be given due priority in the formulation and implementation of policies by making a transparent system. Keeping respect for the uniform and taking it as service, Inspector general Aryal is determined on the norms that every service holder should be loyal to the service and should be ready to sacrifice for it.

Born to his father, Damodar Prasad Aryal, and his late mother, Sharada Aryal in 1974, Inspector General Aryal is married to Mrs. Anita Lamichane and resides in Goldhunga, Kathmandu along with two sons.