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Er. Kosh Raj Onta
Inspector General
Armed Police Force

Er. Rama Onta (Rajbhandari)
Family Women's Association
Radio Program


Born on April 18, 1962, in Chhetrapati, Kathmandu, Inspector General Kosh Raj Onta is the 7th successor to the highest stratum of Armed Police Force; he assumed the responsibility of the Organizational Chief on 11th April, 2012 as per the decision of the Government of Nepal.

He completed his graduation from Byelorussian Polytechnic Institute, Russia and Master's degree in Science from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. Mr. Onta is married to Mrs. Rama Onta and has a son Saksham Onta.

Inspector General Mr. Onta began his Police Service career in December 19, 1989 as an Inspector in Nepal Police. He was transferred to Armed Police Force in the rank of Senior Superintendent in February 21, 2002. In his 23 years of service in the security force of Nepal, he has successfully participated in numerous national and international courses, workshops and the training programs. Some of the major professional development programs attended by him are:

  • Police Inspector Basic Training Course: Batch No. 87, Central Police Training Centre, Kathmandu.
  • Project Preparation and Appraisal Training for Gazette Class II officers of HMG Nepal, Nepal Administrative Staff College, Lalitpur.
  • Senior Executive Development Program Training, Nepal Administrative Staff College, Lalitpur.
  • International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law (ICRC), APF Headquarters, Kathmandu.
  • Formulation of a Comprehensive Framework Disaster Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Critical Incident Management Course, ATA Program, Louisiana State Police Academy, Louisiana, USA.
  • Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism, Asia-Pacific Center for Security studies, USA.
  • Humanitarianism and Crisis Management, UNWFP and Living Peace and Daily Justice Institute, Kathmandu,
  • PC based Geographic Information System (GIS), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
  • The International Human Rights Symposium, Nepal.
  • Combating Terrorism Executive, Peoples Republic of China.
  • High Level Symposium on Disaster Risk Reduction, Kathmandu.
  • National Workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning - 2011, Kathmandu.
  • Mid Regional Workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning for 2011, Kathmandu.
  • Earthquake Disaster and Emergency Response – 2011, Lalitpur.

With the competencies he has obtained from various trainings and the courses he has stood up as a high profile officer with a set of high standard skills in all realms of Armed Police Force management. Over the years, Inspector General Onta has expanded his expertise and his reputation as one of the foremost security service professionals in the country. As he has spent substantial portion of service as head of different department, he has focused on institutional development and expansion of Armed Police Force and focused personnel career within organization and outside as well. He also has wide-ranging experience of various high profile commands, observational and instructional appointments. To mention a few of them are: Head of Support and Service Directorate, Chief of Election cell at Operations Department throughout the election of Constitutional Assembly, Head of Border Security Department, Operations Department and Administration Department of Armed Police Force.

In recognition of his exceptional and distinguished services, he has been awarded with various medals & decoration:

  • Gaddhi Aarohan Rajat Padak,
  • Dirga Sewa Padak,
  • Prahari Sewa Padak,
  • Birendra Aishworya Padak,
  • Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu (Teshra) Padak,
  • Daibi Prakop Uddahar Padak
  • Number of appreciation letter by Ministry of Finance and Election Commission of Nepal for his outstanding services.

During his tour of duties, Inspector General Mr. Onta has officially and unofficially visited several countries; Russia, USA, Japan, India, Pakistan, Liberia, Thailand, England, Bangladesh, Singapore and France.
As an individual with high standard of integrity, he is committed to the magnification and development of the organization with due acknowledgement to the staff of all ranks and files. Committed to improve career development and enhance facilities of subordinates of all levels by making transparent system, newly appointed chief Mr. Onta believes that work is worship and devotion is the must for service and adheres to the notion that the one who is ready for devotion rightfully deserves to get facilities from the organization. Inspector General Mr. Onta is dedicated to serve country and countrymen and to ensure protection and promotion of human rights and make the Nepalese citizen feel safe, secure and reliable in the presence of Armed Police Force with close collaboration with all stakeholders.